Online Personal Training

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Online Personal Training

The flexible, affordable way to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Achieve a more confident, energised, healthy you from the comfort of your home or the gym. All done by working around your lifestyle and work commitments.

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Specialising in Online Personal Training is something Mpower Fitness and Coaching are very proud of, expecially with the current situation accross the world demanding a higher level of spearation than normal. If coaching from a distance is what you need, I’ll ensure you still get the full personal training experience. 

Who Is Online Personal Training For?

If you’re already a member of a gym, have fitness equipment at home or no equipment at all, online training is perfect for you. Training can easily be done from the comfort of your home. If you suffer with anxiety, lack of confidence or gym intimidation, online training would be a great fit for you.

The Benefits Of Online Personal Training

1-1personal training can cost between £30 to £60 an hour. Online training is a fraction of the price and you still get great results, making it a very affordable alternative to 1-1 training. Your plan will include a workout programme including nutrition and trainer support which is completely tailored to suit your lifestyle and goals.
As online training is not in person, you can workout at times more suitable for you, at anytime and anywhere you like – be it in the gym, outside or at home.


These days, we live in a digital world and support and communication could not be easier which works out great for online training. With Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom and many more platforms – including my online training app that you will use throughout your programme with me – it’s incredibly easy for me to support and communicate with you at all times.
With the online training app, I will be able to see the data from your workouts and keep a close eye on your nutrition throughout the week. This will allow me to keep you accountable and on track at all times.

How It Works

Step 1 – The Questionnaire
I will send you a link which will require you to complete a few questionnaires. The more I know about you, the better I can tailor your nutrition and workout plans to maximise your chances of success.

In the questionnaires I ask:-
– What your goals are
– Why you believe you are not currently at your desired goal
– Your current eating habits
– What exercise you currently do (if any)
– Your daily schedule

All this information will allow me to tailor everything so it works for you, around your schedule – this ensures that it will be sustainable in the long run.

Step 2 – Tailoring Your Nutrition and Workouts
With the information you have supplied me in the questionnaires, I will then be able to calculate your ideal calories and macros. Along with calculating this, I will tailor a workout plan which based on your goals and to fit comfortably within your daily schedule.
Both your nutrition and workout plans will be added to the online training app so that you can have easy access to all of your exercises (with easy-to-follow videos of each exercises). You will also be able to log your nutrition into a food diary within the app itself. This makes it really easy for you to understand what you should be doing and for you to keep on track – and it also enables me to see where you might be going wrong or where you can improve to maximise your achievements.

Step 3 – We Get Working On Achieving Your Goals
Now you have everything in place to achieve your goals!
Your nutrition and workouts are all loaded onto the online training app and you’re ready to go. During your journey, you will get a weekly review when we will go over your nutrition for the week, discuss how your workouts went and go over anything that could be improved.

Your Plan

  • Tailored Workout Plans Specific To Your Goals
  • Learn How To Create A New Lifestyle-Not A Short Term Diet
  • Calories And Macros Calculated In-line With Your Goals
  • Unlimited Support From Me Via The Online Training App
  • Eat Your Favorite Foods And Still Reach Your Goals
  • Enjoy A Fun And Rewarding Journey